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Microconf Europe 2014


Oh, shame. I didn’t notice that. Sorry.


I’m going! Absolutely loved it last year, I learnt so much :smile:

Arriving Sunday, there was a meetup in the evening at the hotel on the night before last time…



I’ll be there!

And right after Microconf, there will be the Pioneers conference in Vienna ( http://www.pioneers.io )
Anyone going there?
I created a separate topic: Pioneers Conference in Vienna (October 29 & 30, right after Microconf)


Hi Andy,

I’m on the 11 am flight too. Will try to find you at Heathrow. Might be able to get you into the BA lounge for some breakfast? (Long story, but I’m a “Friend of BA” - will explain when I see you.) And definitely share a cab to the hotel. Do you have my mobile?


Have PM’d you my number.


I’ll be around as well, landing on Sunday, leaving on Thursday. I look forward to catching up with you guys.


Hey guys, I am a fellow microconf attendee though we haven’t met yet.
I would love to join you. I’m also all in for the sniper rifle package :smile:


Are you going to be at the hotel on Sunday afternoon?


Yes, I actually arrive a week early


Hi Andy,

when is the earliest time we can go to the shooting range?
1500 hours CET ?



Hi Dave, @etd
want to join us for the shooting range?



Hi Christoph,

Sorry, won’t be able to I’m afraid. But have fun and think of me when you shoot things. No wait…


I am supposed to touch down at Prague airport 14:00. So 15:00 might be cutting it a bit fine.

But sunset is 16:50 according to:

Is a 15:30 pickup from the hotel too late?


Without too much experience, but I estimate that it takes about 10 minutes per gun to fire.


@itengelhardt @Andy I emailed the range asking if we will be able to finish shooting given our time constraints, I’ll post their answer here.


Let us know what you find out.


They are closed on Sunday :)
Other ranges’ packages are kinda weak in comparison. I guess that settles it with shooting on Sunday.
Too bad, I really like the idea.


That’s a shame. I was really looking forward to it! Too late to rebook might flight now. I wonder if there possibility to skive off for a couple of hours on the Monday or Tuesday? ;0)


You European guys are sure anxious to go “shootin’ thangs” :smile:


We don’t have much access to guns in the UK. And that’s fine by me! ;0)