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How has content marketing changed over the years?


About 8 years ago I got into internet marketing. After about a year in I fell into programming. I contracted, got a full-time job, and am now back to contracting.

I used to frequent WarriorForum back then, which I found tonnes of great content on.

I’m now back contracting and in the middle of my first product, and am approaching a place where I need to pass over the torch to marketing. Due to bootstrapping, my main method will be content marketing, but I feel like I’m running on old principles and wondering how or if things have changed, and where to go now for this kind of information?


Content marketing hasn’t changed.

It’s just a lot more people are doing it.

What this ultimately means is that you have to work 10x harder now to grab people’s attention using content marketing because a.) attention spans are officially lower than a Gold fish b.) 5 million blog posts launched every day c.) if you don’t add value, people wont engage your content, which means Google will know about it via their Rankbrain algorithm, which means effectively you’ll never rank.

Gone are the days you could use Adwords Keyword Planner, find low competition - high volume terms, and create a “good” blog post and rank for it.

To rank now for anything that has even a semblance of relative competitiveness you really have to kick ass with your content.