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How are you implementing full-text search in your product?


I’m using MySQL’s full-text search. It is okay but pretty limited. It doesn’t seem to match “color” with “colour”, nor with “colors” and “coloring”.

Are you using a better search solution in your product?


We use solr at Honeybadger. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing search-related that it can’t do. :slight_smile:


With Sifter, I used Sphinx and Thinking Sphinx. I’m not sure if it’s the leading solution by any means, but it worked really well for us over the years. And Pat Allan, the maintainer of Thinking Sphinx, is about as great of an open-source maintainer as one could ask for.


We’re using Agolia and it’s very powerful.


In case anyone from MS camp is reading this: Lucene is nice, it powers StackOverflow search.

MS SQL fulltext search is also bearable. By the way, MS SQL runs on linux now.


I have used sphinx and haven’t had issues with it
also rolled my own many years ago before mysql had full text search
I’d prob look at algolia or sphinx for general searching depending on budget and capacity needed


Thanks all.

I spent some time yesterday investigating Algolia. It seems very good. I like its modern approach. I think I’ll use this.