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Hi, I'm Peter and I want to take the pain out of WordPress development!


Right question.

How does that deployment to WP works again? Despite I have a WP site for about a year, I still have no clue how can I deploy my posts/pages from a VCS.

I would be reluctant to give another service an access to my FTP (and other services do need it, it seems). On the other hand, is WP-specific API a big improvement? More secure or more reliable? I do not know – and I need to be educated even before I consider ANY of these services.


Hey Peter - just wanted to chime in since I’m your target market (I run the wordress plugin AmpedSense).

One of the difficulties about selling a plugin outside of the wordpress plugin directory is the inability to push updates easily, so you’re definitely hitting something here with me. Although the more I look into your service, the more I realize it’s not for me, as I’d hate to ask my customer to install 2 plugins (mine and the updater).

What would be interesting to me is if there was a module I could embed into my plugin that could take care of updating itself. Who knows if that’s even possible, but thought my perspective might help…

Thanks for sharing, and good luck!


Hey! Sorry I haven’t been responsive here. I’m backpacking Thailand this week and haven’t had much online time.

Just wanted to quickly answer you question. My product is very different, since it’s only for Wordpress, and works by extending core wordpress functionality. The services you link to and all other I’ve seen requires that you give them access to your server. After that, their remote scripts will perform some kind of magic on you server on deploy :wink: Anyways, I don’t like the idea of giving someone else an FTP or ssh access to something as important as my server. That’s why I decided to build something else! Hope it makes sense, otherwise I’ll be happy to explain it more in depth when I’m back this weekend!

Thank you guys so much for your constructive feedback!


Hey man! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or I’ll get in touch with you when I’m back again this weekend. Maybe you can test it out and we can talk about the possibilities for your specific use case!