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Hi, I'm Darren, consultant and possible bootstrapper



I’ve been consulting for 12 years and developing web applications for 15. I’ve been getting more and more interested in bootstrapping something myself over the past 2 years and in the past 6 months I’ve started fleshing things out in earnest. My day job is running a boutique PHP dev consultancy comprising of me and two full-time developers.

I got to this forum from Rachel Andrew’s (great) The Profitable Side Project Handbook, via a reference to the podcast (which I’m now subscribed to). I’ve also been following Justin Jackson’s Product People and Christopher Hawkins’ Chasing Product.

I have at least one idea for a phone app that will add value to an established service but am now mulling over options for some initial content marketing / audience building / smaller first product after coming across the concept only a few weeks ago.

I’ve a blog at Bealers.com that I’ll be possibly evolving to focus more on my target audience and a couple of months back I started the Backendy.com podcast. The latter I started without an eye on audience building, I just had the idea one day and thought I’d JFDI.


Darren Beale(rs)


Welcome to the forums Darren!


Good job!

Yes, I liked that book too. I wasn’t sure if spending $39 for something I already knew would be worth it, but it totally was. Read the book twice