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Hi, I'm Daniel, and I have a question about videos


Long-time lurker here.

My daytime job is technical coach. I teach tech teams how to run faster. I also teach large-ish organizations how to manage bunches of tech teams. I do coding, web design,microservice, and so forth. I’m not an expert, I just know enough to get what I want done and I know the patterns used by good teams to kick ass.

I have been studying startups for several years, trying to figure out how they make things people want – that’s a critical part of any tech team, whether they realize that or not.

As part of that, I just finished my first long-form book, Info-Ops, back in April. It’s all about organizing all of your project information. Now I’m starting a blog series on learning pure functional programming in F# in a practical, pragmatic way. Working title is: Programming F# Like A Stupid Person.

I’m getting some traction on this second series since it seems to be the only intermediate architecture book on the market for OO guys making the switch. So I’m thinking about switching from a blog series over to a video series with a subscription/purchase option.

Any idea how I should go about funding? I’d probably need between 10 and 50k depending on the parameters of the first several videos in the series. GoFundMe? Pre-paid using something like Gumroad?

Yes, I know I can do basically zero funding, but I’ve found that video production is a huge hunka work, and there’s a tremendous opportunity cost in dropping that much time and effort into it, so I can’t do it that way.