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Hi, I am Latish Sehgal and I am working on SqlSmash


Hi guys,
I have been lurking on the forums for a few weeks now. I live in Dallas, TX and work as a .Net consultant as part of my day job. I have been working on SqlSmash, a plugin for Sql Server Management Studio for the last few months. I am pretty new to bootstrapping and have been trying to learn a lot over the last few months.
I am looking forward to learning (and sharing) on the forums. I am on twitter and I also have a blog.


Hi Latish. Welcome to the forums.


Welcome, @Latish. This is pretty awesome, almost like ReSharper for Management Studio. Great work and good idea.


Thanks @andrey! This seems like a great place!


Thanks @Paul. I am a huge fan of ReSharper and that was definitely the inspiration for this tool.