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Hey folks! New side project :)


Hey folks! New to this bootstrapped forum, but have been a little lurker for a while!

Wanted to tell everyone about a side project that I’ve been working on - CryptoMeNow (dot) com

It’s a daily newsletter for need to know crypto updates, jobs, guides, giveaways and more in less than 3 minutes a day all at your finger tips!

Would appreciate some feedbacks and support! Subscribe if you’re interested! Means a lot :slight_smile:


Crypto as in “cryptography”? or as in “cryptocurrencies”?


Currencies, of course. :roll_eyes:

Does you newsletter cover that elections in Sierra-Leone and Russia are switched to blockchain to be as verifiable as humanly possible? That’s the first major use-case applicable to general population. Or you only interested in price of various “coins”?


This is not correct :slight_smile: Not this year at least. Moreover, there are no elections in Russia, the winner is known way before the procedure is started.


Yes, sorry, my English is not too good with tenses. It is being converted to blockchain.

I’m not 100% sure the blockchain is required for the task - digital signatures should be sufficient, methinks, but than again, Tesla was not required on the FH; so is using fashionable keywords can grease the wheels better.

There are elections in Russia, and the results reflect the popular opinion.

It is a fault of the opposition that they cannot find a candidate who can be seen as qualified for the post.


It is a fault of the opposition that they cannot find a candidate who can be seen as qualified for the post.

Sure it is. It’s also their fault that they let Putin poison them, throw them in jail on bogus charges. It’s their fault for letting Putin take control of all media, changing the laws to make organizing and promoting opposition illegal etc.

But I digress.

What I really wanted to rant about is the fact that this kind of “crypto” is currently 99% scan and 100% hype bubble. You can either use it to take advantage of suckers or be a sucker yourself. And as the saying goes, if you don’t know which one are you, you’re the sucker.

Or do like me and stay away from anything that has “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain” in it.


:smiley: I can only suggest to stop reading the mass media. The head gets clearer after a while.

Blockchain is not necessary a scam. It is just a model for delegation of the digital signatures. In some sense, the domain certificates are a blockchain, too. Any delegation has its weeknesses, but its strong side, as I see it, is decentralization. If we had one CA, that would be a major single point of failure and a very busy organization, indeed.

Do we need blockchain for elections? I’m not sure, not enough knowledge on my part. But if it provides a way to confirm - with a cryptographically strong guarantee - that a given voice is counted the way the owner of that voice believes it should - it would be a major breakthru in the election mechanics.

As for digital currencies, I agree: mostly hype mixed with scam, and it is not clear which is more.