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Finda: A desktop app for finding anything


Hi fellow bootstrappers,

I built an app as a “scratch my own itch” / research project, but after showing it to a few friends they asked if they could purchase it, so I’ve thrown together a landing page: https://keminglabs.com/finda/

My goal with the page is to keep it short:

  • explain what the app is about
  • encourage visitors to just download the trial, check it out, and hopefully convert from there

I’m curious if ya’ll think it does a good job on that.
(Or if you’d recommend another approach.)

My marketing plan is to write a few technical blog posts in the next two months to get the app in front of as many developers (my target market) as possible.
If that proves promising, I’ll continue that approach (blogging, maybe a tech few conference talks); otherwise I’ll probably just wrap things up — again, this is just a side project, so success looks having a complete, useful product that sells a few hundred copies.

Curious if ya’ll have any suggestions.


Great app, truly loved it!

Amazing how a guy with a hobby can dramatically outperform a team of “elite” graduates working at Apple on the piece of s**t that Spotlight has become.