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Feedback on landing page, idea and pitch


my name is Róbert and I’m the co-founder of www.ymello.com
I’m very excited that I could share our little child with you guys. What we are looking for is honest feedback :v:

It is a super-simple cloud-based website builder and blogger platform.
You may be asking yourself why another builder…
We started ymello at the beginning of 2017. The first prototype was launched as a closed beta for clients of our company. As we developed customized websites we listened to our clients’ wishes. We’ve helped a lot of many small business owners and entry bloggers to get online and one thing was common.

They didn’t want over-complex solutions and this is where our story begins …:muscle:

We start today with a few basic ready-made templates. All you have to do is add your own content with one single “+” button.

Please, what do you think about landpage pitch and idea ? www.ymello.com

If you like to see the service behind, check this video of our MVP.

Have a nice day to all !


You’re into a very uphill battle. On the other hand, I’m rooting for you unreasonably.

I do not see major flaws in your site. However, as I said, it is a very-very uphill battle. You need to capture every since prospect out there. What I’d do differently is try and remove the last obstacle your have - the username creation. Prospect reaches that point and decides that nah, I do not want yet another password, and drops out of the funnel.

So, If I were you, I’d let users create a site even without username and password. Just remember their cookie. Let them know that they should create a password to update the site from other computers, but from this one - just trust the cookie.

Also, I’d let them have a free site for … for long. A year, maybe. I assume (I may be wrong!) that your target audience are total newbies in web sites. They won’t see any benefit in 7 free days you give them. No traffic, no links left on forums, nothing. If I wait for year, they may figure out that website thing, and pay to keep it.

If you do not want to lose the revenue for a whole year, you can just move the charge time to the end of the year, as in “You have used our services for a year. Now please pay - or vacate the premises.”

Create a website in notime

I’m not a native speaker, but is notime even a word? :wink:

Also, English has some weird rules about titles, some words got to be capitalized, some not, e.g. “Create a Website in No Time”.


Ou, thank you very much for honest feedback. Im really appreciated it !
Username is all about setting proper permission and subdomain where trial will be running. So its a technical mechanism. But you’re right, flow must be simple as possible. We look on it what we can do.

Yes, we make a mistake in this word, it should be divided like “no time”.

Thank you many times to feedback !


What’s the benefit of your site over a drag/drop site like Wix or Squarespace?


You have a coding error on the main page:

29 PM

As shown by https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/javascript-errors-notifie/jafmfknfnkoekkdocjiaipcnmkklaajd


Thank you very much for answer Tom !

Firstly I think we are focus on a little different segment.
Our main value proposition over the square or wix is foolproof using.
You know, we are super super simple because we have only one “+” button to add content to your site. We skip the code requirement but creativity too !
Yes, we know and understand that many users need to have power over any single pixel or typography. But for millions of entry level users is cause of pain and struggle. They dont want to solve problems such “There should be 14px or 16px, Open Sans or Helvetica…hmm Comic Sans, i love it …” ?

What is your thought on that ?


Thank you very much kjk we will check on that and fix it ASAP :face_with_monocle: