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Best places for bootstrappers to live


I took a look at Valdivia on Google Maps and Wikipedia and Google Images. It looks a lot like the place where I grew up in New Zealand’s South Island. Probably the same sense of remoteness and pristine landscape. I can understand the attraction of living there!

PS: I just bought Qbserve… :slight_smile:


We are in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s not your rust belt Pittsburgh anymore. All major players, from Google to Facebook and Uber, and now Amazon are here. Food is good, cost of living is relatively low (but rising), weather is bad. Most importantly we got Penguins and Steelers. Overall very happy with a place.


Just in case anyone is interested in moving to Chile, we’ve recently published a guide:


Nice, do you live in the area. I’m thinking about moving there(Cary, NC) next year, moving from St. Petersburg, FL where it’s getting so pricey and too hot to be outside.


Congratulations! If you haven’t firmly decided on Cary, Durham and Raleigh are in the same area and are cheaper than Cary. According to this, Durham is almost a match for your current location http://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-living/st.-petersburg-fl/durham-nc/50000 There are bedroom communities further out but the time lost commuting (if you have a commute) probably isn’t worth the difference in housing price, IMO.

A good time to mention Forbes just rated NC the best state for business: https://www.forbes.com/places/nc/


Nice, good to hear. I don’t think websites are right about the Tampa Bay area anymore, houses are very old and prices getting higher every month.


Phew. From St. Petersburg, FL one shall move only to St. Petersburg, Russia.

That’s not the problem you’d likely encounter.