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Are you selling a "complicated" product/ SaaS?


Sane person with no pain. The prospects here are in a trouble that needed to be fought back.

So a better approximation would be: you come to a drug store with a crushing headache and the sign says “Talk to us to select the best painkiller for you”. I bet you won’t leave and opt in for a short orientation talk instead.


Completely valid point. But imagine that it’s an industrial mixer company (makes mixers that crush bowling balls). (I.e., something that you do NOT want the user trying out on their own.

And there are 3 signs

[ Purchase now on payment play. Money back guarantee, AND we set it up for you]
[Sign up for our next free live Tour]
[Have your engineer contact us for a free Tour at their convenience]


Yep, that’s exactly it. You have their ATTENTION until they take the free sample home. Then you’ve lost it. If they grabbed the wrong sample, you have probably lost them. (“All the drugs from that pharmacy suck!”).

The middle ground may be asking questions first, while you have their attention, just as you’ve said.