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Hi, Pierre here, getting started with research (1)
Hi, I’m Charles. I went through 2 accelerators and I’m working on new products (6)
Hi, I'm Michael from fman.io, cross-platform file manager ( 2 ) (30)
Rick from Neomobili (3)
Hi. I'm Andrew. I have a small SaaS and am looking to grow it (13)
Mastermind group for bootstrappers (5)
Hi I'm John and I'm bootstrapping GetCredo.com, doing mid six figures in revenue (10)
Hi I'm Shane and bootstrapping clickpost.io as a side project (1)
18 year old lost on where to start but this seemed like one of the nicest communities (13)
Greetings from Ireland! (7)
Hi all, I'm looking to get my SaaS startup on it's feet (3)
Hi I’m Ward and we’re trying to help developers (and others) have a more balanced life (4)
Hi, I'm Mike. (long time lurker, first time poster) (6)
Hi, I'm Bart and I'm bootstrapping 500leads.com (15)
Hi, I`m Diana. I represent a design studio (5)
Starting a SaaS? Do you want exposure? (9)
Your local lurker has popped by to say Hi! (6)
Hi, I'm Peter and I want to take the pain out of WordPress development! ( 2 ) (24)
Advice/feedback on my Wordpress plugin (9)
Lurker, finally making accounts (2)
Hi, I'm Tom. Currently bootstrapping EmailOctopus, an Email Marketing platform (1)
Hi I am Matt and I am bootstrapping DockDB (2)
Hey! I'm Caleb - Learning every day! (5)
Yo, I'm Julien and I've been stalking for months. Time to get naked now (5)
Hello, I'm Holger, greetings from Step #1 of Rob's Stairstep (2)
Hello. I'm Jana from PureEdit.io (6)
Looking for a mastermind group? Early idea extraction/custdev phase ( 2 ) (22)
Hi, I'm Casey. I make a scheduling software for service businesses and sales people (4)
Hi .. I'm Paul and I'm bootstrapping myPresences (7)
Hey! I'm Dave, and I'm bootstrapping SMS Inbox (1)